A few colour photos exist but the series was shot in Black and White!
Pogles' Wood

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From Film to Video

Most of the original prints of the original footage of the Pogles and Pogles' Wood survives today but is of varying quality.  It would be highly desirable to convert all of the old footage onto high quality video tape.

Encoding film to video

There are only a few places that have the equipment to do this, they tend to be television and film companies AND they tend to charge rather a lot of money.  The key problem is that whether the film is usable or not, it still takes time and money to find this out.  If there is anyone out there who could assist the Dragons Friendly Society to sort through the rusty film cans then please get in touch.  A day and a lot of money has been spent in sifting through old film without producing a single episode on video.
First the 16mm Film is cued up on the encoder

Next a corresponding 16mm print of the optical sound must be lined up on a separate machine in synchronisation with the Film.