A few colour photos exist but the series was shot in Black and White!
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National Film Theatre -30th Sept 2001 

Oliver Postgate, Peter Firmin and Loaf of the Dragons Friendly Society presented "The Pogles" to an audience of over 400 people of all ages.

Prior to the showing of the film a large picnic basket was placed on stage. After the film a question and answer session followed and it wasn't long before somebody asked.. 'What's in the basket ?' - and even though everybody knew, the audience were slightly stunned as Peter Firmin opened it up the basket to reveal Pogle, Mrs Pogle and the Witch .......

Last out of the basket, but by no means least was Pippin, and the ever-playful Tog was found hiding in the audience and judging by their reaction, he is a firm favourite.

This was a unique opportunity for people to see The Pogles in person.. and in 3d and in colour !

Peter and Oliver enjoyed the event very much and we are hopeful of being able to enjoy another evening with them in September 2002. We cannot promise Pogles next time though....

If you are interested in attending please email us by following the link at the top of each page.