A few colour photos exist but the series was shot in Black and White!
Pogles' Wood

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The Dragons Friendly Society
Mr and Mrs Pogle wanted nothing to do with Magic or Dragons.
Although magic, in its many forms, has always been familiar to Dragons, this has not been so with POGLES, who, preferring a peaceful sylvan life, deep in the forest, have no opinion of magic, and, apart from their friendship with the Plant, have avoided any contact with it.

Consequently, since their last appearances on television thirty years ago their peaceful lives have passed virtually unsullied by the inconvenience of sorcery.

However, without the intervention of "Loaf " treasurer of the Dragons Friendly Society "The Pogles" Footage would have been hidden with the rest of the Dragons' treasure for all eternity.

It is this group of benevolent dragons that have kept the film canisters safe in their lair until the old film could be transferred to VHS Video.  The Video of "The Pogles" is exclusively available from the Dragons Friendly Society by mail order.

The Dragons' Friendly Society have also produced Books and Videos of Noggin the Nog.  Visit their site for more details.

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